Technology is our DNA!

Some words about us

Technology is our DNA. We are Global outsourcing services and consulting company, which delivers unparalleled experience in back-end operations with comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions.


G-Code was started in the motivation to support and develop industries that are in need of technology to automate their business flow.

Our management team comprises of young entrepreneur's who are extremely motivated to support and guide fellow entrepreneurs with their "Innovative Ideas". We transform an idea into reality.

We had reliable clients who supported us throughout these years. We are very proud and happy to serve them for these many years. We are thriving hard to improvise our service higher & higher!

Our Human Resource is the primary reason for our success throughout these years. One thing for which our management can boast is for our "Human Resource". We have 100% reliable, efficient and disciplined professionals working for our clients.

Our caliber has been proven in all industries. We always identify and customize the technologies, tools and methodologies, which are most appropriate to satisfy our client’s requirements. We work closely with our clients to design and draft proofs and samples for conformance with exact requirements.

Our procedures for handling sensitive data: All data transfer is encrypted and goes directly to the clients’ database.We maintain everything under data protection standards.

Our Non Disclosure Statement is to protect our clients brand, all our officials involved should sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their employment package and are not supposed to leak the name of our client to external parties.

Variety of Services

Technology is our DNA!

  • E-Publishing

    With insight knowledge and cutting edge technologies we evolved workflows that gives any kind of conversions that our client may require, like Epub, Epub2, PRC, Kindle, iPad, Nooks-Barnes & Noble, lit, PDF output, CD ROM creation to name a few.

  • Mobile/Web Application

    We develop stable and reliable applications based on the requirements provided by our clients. We have Highly Talented Crew which analysis the requirements, prepares prototypes that satisfy the clients and then march towards the completion of the project.

  • Designing

    We leverage Dieter Rams principle in all the designs that we create, starting from Logo Designs to AutoCad Designs. Our creative incense is used to design Corporate Logos, Website Designs, Mobile Application, Textile Designs, AutoCad Designs and much more

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We provide the best in class optimisation for your websites to reach more number of audience. Our Business Development Managers analyse your business and suggest you the exact type of audience to chose and the strategies to be followed.

  • Web Hosting & Maintenance

    We support in hosting your website/web application/mobile application in robust servers and do the maintenance for the applications that was built by you or your team. We have expertise to work on the scalability of your project.

  • Startup Service

    As an entrepreneur you can now rely on us for technology and complete operations of your business and concentrate on the scalability of your business. For startups we not only support them on technology but we also help them generate analytic that shows the complete study of their business.

Simple and effective

Technology is used widely to make the task simple and effective. We use the technology to break complex business flow and make it Simple but effective than before!

G-Code has everything you need to really build something exceptional for your business

We chose top end technology to build applications for your business and quality is the first & foremost concern of our work

All our designs will adhere to Dieter Rams principle to satisfy the users and to create mind blowing designs.
We chose the best in class Technology to develop and deliver good quality products.
We provide 100% after sales support for "No Cost". Delivering the product and ensuring that it fulfils the clients expectation is our responsibility.

Get more amazing features

We are good at implementing your business logic on the web &mobile applications that include Android, ios & windows.

Easy Understanding

Our experts are very good in understanding the client requirements and preparing the preliminary process flow before staring to work on the project.

Extremely Flexible

Our team will be extremely flexible based on the client requirements, we never hesitate or charge more for the changes and corrections that the client suggest. Our ultimate goal is "Client Satisfaction"".

Our Availability

We would be available 24/7 to listen and use all the suggestions and thought process of the client.You can Now Think Loud!


Fresh Colours

The choice of colours that we use on your application will be selected by our experts, considering the psychology of the users and eye sensitivity of the users.

New Technology

We use the top end technology for all the products that we deliver to ensure the stability of the products that we deliver. Each project will have its own Uniqueness in technology & design.

Premium Support

Our support team will go to all extremes to help you out and to make our application work in a highly efficient way to support your business.


Everything a Start-up Needs

We have everything that a startup needs to run & improve their business. We create prototypes based on your ideas that can be used by the founders & co-founders to present to the investors, we implement the business logic and bring life to the prototype created based on your idea. We provide 100% support for the application that we have developed and it becomes our responsibility to ensure that the product fulfils all the demands of the client.

Post production, we also get the support(customer relationship team), search engine optimization, online brand building & marketing and continuous technical updates & changes outsourced from the 'Startup' so that the Founders & Co-Founders look at the analytic that we generate and concentrate on scaling up the business

*** Based on our confidentiality policies we are unable to provide the list of projects

Optimized for High Performance

The applications that we deliver will NEVER slow down your hand held devices. All applications are Highly Optimized for better performance.

The performance & design of the application will definitely keep the users engaged for a long time.


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